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Santa Monica Mountains, Southern California 1989

Some time in late March or early April of 1989 a friend and I were working on a foot bridge crossing over Medea Creek in the Santa Monica Mountains, in Southern California.

We had left the work to get some more logs. As we returned to the site we saw a figure standing between us an the foot bridge we had been working on not Ten minutes before. We then realized that our truck was beyond the bridge on the otherside. This animal stood between Eight to Nine feet tall and was about Four to Five feet wide.

No sound was made by the creature, no scent on the wind coming from our back, But we both knew we were not welcome there at that time and place. The feeling was that of malice,anger and intimidation. We both decided to take another way back to the truck being that we are some what intelligent people.

To this day when I tell people about my run - in with the Big Guy (Lil Jon) it still sends CHILLS all over my body. Sometimes when I'm alone somewhere I still look around to see if its there. One thing that bothers me is ,How long was it watching before it decided to take a look at what we were doing ? I know that if I were placed in a similar setting as the one that evening I feel that I would sit down and talk to it in a calm and friendly voice and hope I don't offend it!
"Dave and Julie"
20 May 2002

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