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Merced County, California
High Sierras Yosemite, September 1973

Highway 41 near Bass Lake, Fish Camp; at approx 12:30 pm up in the High Sierras out of Yosemite with pines, rocks and various trees there was bunches of berry bushes around.

The thing I saw was probably over 6 ft it had grayish hair big eyes and something I did not enjoy seeing. I was deer hunting during the mid week there was no one in the area except my dog and me. I had set down to eat my lunch looking towards the north I had finished eating my dog and I headed back to my pickup to continue hunting as I approached my truck my dog became alert, and started running around my truck that was facing west. I tried to get my dog under control but was unable to get her attention and that's when she jumped in the back of my pick up and jumped out as she ran to the front of my pick-up I looked at the direction she was barking and saw this creature on a rock about 50 yards from us thinking it was a bear I put my rifle up to look at it through my scope when I put the scope up on the creature it turned its head and looked directly at me. I saw that it had grayish fur, its eyes were larger than a bears it did not have a snout like a bear my dog then jumped up on the hood of my pick-up barking continuously after that I fired 2 shots of a 7 mm magnum into the air I opened the door of my pick-up and my dog jumped inside and I jumped inside and left. My comments are that I know what I saw and what I saw was no animal that I have ever seen anything like it and I know what I saw was no bear. Thanks for taking my story.

Witness' details on file; logged by Bobbie Short, Sunday, February 04, 2001 1:30 PM