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Phelan, California
Mojave Desert Region

Here is the account as I remember it and you are free to use my first name in publication and to give my contact info out to researchers if you wish. I was about 15 years of age in 1977 and my friend Fred was the same age. His younger brother Steve was about 2 years younger. We lived in Phelan California, in the Mojave Desert (the High Desert, it would routinely snow in the winter). All the kids in the area had either dirt bikes or horses for transportation around the area and for recreation. One day we were riding in the area between Phelan and Hesperia with Fred and I in the lead and Steve always falling behind as he had a less powerful bike. It was midday and as Fred and I came upon a set of high tension power lines in the area we stopped and waited for Steve. After a few moments he did not appear as usual so we returned for him and met him as he was approaching about half way in between.

Steve was VERY upset and crying and going on about a huge white/grey creature that appeared from behind a Juniper bush and screamed at him as he had stopped to take a pee break... (heh, no other way to describe it) ...he said he quickly got back on the bike and rode as fast as he could to get away. He was scared to death. Fred and I talked later and we thought that perhaps he was just pissed off and crying about falling behind, but we dismissed that as it happened a lot as he had a little Honda 70 and it just could not keep up.

We returned to the area, armed with our 22 rifles (yeah, right...) and looked around and saw Steves' tracks and some scrambling type marks on the ground like someone was very motivated in getting out of there... along with some large barefoot tracks that I remember to be about 12 inches long.

In hindsight I find it very interesting that if he were to make up a bigfoot story that he would say that it was white/grey as we all knew that they are black. As kids we were all interested in bigfoot and had seen a movie at the drive-in about Mysterious Monsters or something like that. This is an interesting difference in the color that I did not know about until the other night reading some posts in the bigfoot list. Then I read some bigfoot encounters on your page about the desert area where I lived and it really freaked me out. I kind of dismissed this story until now as there were not very many tracks and I thought that there were no white/grey bigfoots.

Regards, Forrest

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