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Placer County, California
Nearest City, Tahoma

August 2001 between 5:30 and 5:45 AM
Closest Water was Lake Tahoe
Closest Road, California Highway 89

On Wednesday morning, August 29, my dad and I were driving to Donner Lake from Tahoe Cedars Lodge to go fishing. Tahoe Cedars Lodge is located on the West Shore, in the town of Tahoma, and less than 100 feet north of the county line that separates Placer and El Dorado Counties.

It was between 5:30 and 5:45 AM, and we where driving North on California Highway 89, and I was scanning the forests to our east/right/lake side and for a split second I saw a large, grey, humanoid thing in the woods. It appeared to be definitely larger than a man. I can't be positive of what I saw, since it was dark and I was tired. I only saw it for a split second, but hours later, on our way back, we drove by the same place, and I didn't see anything that could account for my sighting. We drove by the same area, in the daylight, twice more, and each time, I didn't see anything. Also, I have never hallucinated, even when I was tired. The sighting was on the stretch of highway between Tahoma Market and Chamer's Landing, where Lodge Rd. intersects Highway 89. The terrain there is pine forest mixed with private lakefront homes. Altitude was round 6000 feet. Relatively flat.

The description was of a gray humanoid, appeared larger that average person, also, didn't have the same shape as a human; was broader and appeared to have no neck.

Dan Becker aka frohike on your message board.

Sunday, September 09, 2001 11:38 AM