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Humboldt County, California
June 2007 Onion Lake

...Photo courtesy Tom Yamarone

I am Sean Fries from the 1988 Feather River report. I have been involved in field research for awhile now and worked for Peter Byrne's Bigfoot Research Project.

I had 2 incidents in Six Rivers National Forest last year; first one was in June of 2007 at Onion Lake, Humboldt County where we found 13 1/2" tracks at the lakeside in the mud, we made plaster cast of them and they were sent to Dr. Meldrum at Idaho State University.

While I was casting the tracks there was wood knocking going on the hill to the north of me, I stopped casting and started wood knocking back at the knocking I was hearing (well it was not just me, my ex girlfriend Kandee was there too) I would knock 3 times and then it would knock 3 times back then after a few times of doing this there was wood knocking coming from another location as well on the other side of the lake.

Kandee tried to go up the hill towards the site of the first knocking and she said she could hear something moving away from her up the hill through the brush and the knocking stopped. We then went to deploy some camera traps about half a mile away and let the plaster cure.

When we came back about an hour later I was pulling the cast out of the ground when the wood knocking started again but much more forceful and almost violent in tempo. Here is a picture of the footprint before the cast was made.  

About 3 weeks after the Onion Lake incident I went back to retrieve the camera traps and stayed the weekend at Louse Camp with a friend of mine named Carole and while we were there had 2 incidents take place.

The first one was early in the morning where I was walking up the road out of Louse Camp and heard something in the brush moving around I motioned to my friend to come over and she could hear it too. I asked her to go back down to camp and get my video camera. Then I called out towards the brush that if they were human I was armed and then a branch that was hanging off a tree pretty high up started bouncing up and down! I moved to see if I could identify where the branch was being grabbed and saw it bounce a rock thrown about the size of a billiard ball about 10 feet behind me on the road.

My friend came running back up from the camp with my camera and I turned it on and went right in the brush towards the sounds and you could hear it moving up the hill away from us. I ran back down the hill and up the road to try and get around it but never got close again. We did hear what sounded like someone clearing their throat, but no more movement.

We went back down to camp and ate some food and when I was washing up I noticed about 40 yards away on the north side of the campground a large dark colored figure standing next to a tree. I asked my friend Carole to step over and told her to look as well. Neither one of us had our glasses on at that time so I went to put them on and whatever was standing there was now gone. She identified the same tree I saw and said it was gone too. I went and stood next to the same tree and the bigfoot was probably about 6 feet tall but very broad. I am 6'1" and it was about the same height as me judging on a branch that was hanging off this tree.

Louse camp is the same camp that Patterson and Gimlin stayed at while they were at Bluff Creek  
Sean Fries   

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