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Sierra City
North of Lake Tahoe (Sierra Nevada Mountains)

We was traveling along Hwy 49, somewhere south of Sierra City and Goodyears Bar after spending a week in a rented mountain cabin panning for gold. It was maybe nearing midnight. My wife was just adjusting her seat to lay back and sleep when I noticed something in the road up ahead. I yelled "look there mother, a bear on the road." She sat up and looked as I slowed down the car. This thing was scraping up what was probably a road kill crow or hawk, or something with black feathers off of the highway.

We'd slowed down to about 5 mile an hour and when this thing saw the headlights, it stood up, standing there eating this crap off the highway. We just stared because it weren't no bear. It weren't even black like the bears up in that country. It was brown-furred with no snout like face and no bear ears. I am 66 year old retired water works engineer and seen some pretty big black bear up thereabouts but never saw anything like this one.

This one had massive shoulders but no hump like them brown bears have — Idaho grizzly I mean. It had hands that worked like mine with that bird it was eaten and bears got no hands. I swear this fella had fingers and he was a proper fella with appendage apparent. This thing just stands there as the car comes up to it, it even looked at the headlights. I flashed the high beams and it turned its back to the car but never did move off the road. We passed it up in the opposite lane and it stayed there until we couldn't see it no more. It was tall on its legs, we had to look up as we drove passed it, much taller than my Toyota. I don't think it were a bear that would display like that one did and my wife thinks we should write the Ranger up there about it but who would believe what I am telling you? My oldest daughter found your website and so we are reporting it as a Bigfoot because there is no other explanation I can think up.

You can phone me if you think we crazy, but we both know it wasn't a bear. 520-541-xxxx. Please do not make public our personal information.

Witness details withheld as requested; report logged by Bobbie Short, Tuesday, April 17, 2001 9:26 PM