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Pasadena California
San Gabriel Mountains

The location of the sighting was in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, approximately 15 miles from downtown Los Angeles, near the city of Pasadena and Altadena. The young woman was a junior in high school at the time and she was with a group of friends, hanging out in the foothills, hiking around the paths and such. It may have been daylight when they arrived, but at the time of the sighting it was evening, but she states there was a moon, so things were better lighted than usual.

They were on an old abandoned estate, which they had heard was once owned and lived in by either Groucho Marx, or one of his brothers. I have heard about this piece of property myself; there was an article a couple years ago in a local magazine, describing where it is located. All I remember was that it was in the foothills near the general area of the city of Pasadena.

Anyway...this piece of property is overgrown with vines and such. Behind the main house are a couple, or a few, cottages, which looked to be guest houses, also abandoned and overgrown. Also, this piece of property may belong to the county of Los Angeles or the state of California, because she noted there were signs by certain trees and bushes, identifying the types of plants.

As they were walking up the driveway and were in the area of the cottages, they suddenly noticed a white wolf (rare, I believe, to this area, especially white) or a coyote (common to the area, but white I have never heard of) standing at a fairly close distance. They were afraid of it. It did not try to attack or make any noise, but nonetheless they were afraid of it and decided to slowly walk back down the path, as to not provoke it to run after them. At some point shortly thereafter, they stopped. Why, I am not sure, but they were still near the cottages only moments after first spotting the white "wolf", when suddenly they noticed a large, hairy creature, standing still, upright on two legs, approximately 20 yards away from them. In the moonlight it was silhouetted against the mountainside, just behind it. It was standing above the foundation of this old home, near the cottages.

She stated it was tall, exactly how tall she could not say, but she stated it was easily well over six feet. She also stated that it definitely had no clothes on. They couldn't see the facial features at all, because of the darkness, but the moon definitely lighted the being up enough to see its silhouette. They, of course, were very frightened and immediately turned to leave the area and head back to safety. I also asked her if she could hear it breathing, or smell anything, but she said "no" to both questions. As they were hurrying away from it, it walked with them out of the area, but keeping its distance. I am not sure if any of them tried looking at it again as they were being "escorted" out, but I feel certain they did not, since she did not mention it, and they were too frightened, but they were definitely aware that it was walking with them, keeping its distance. Once they got to a turn in the path, they ran like crazy and didn't see it again.

When they got to school the next week they told some other friends about this experience, and some of the senior boys stated they wanted to go back up there the next weekend and try to find whatever it was. At least a couple of them brought some kind of gun (B-B or 22 rifle perhaps, she's not sure) for protection.

The following weekend a group of them went up there again, herself included. I do not know whether it was day or night. When they were going up the path they heard what she described as heavy "footfalls." They continued to the place where there was the old foundation they had seen before, and they heard more of these heavy footfalls. They did not see the creature, but they definitely kept hearing these heavy, heavy steps. She emphatically stated that it was NOT stomping--it was just the normal sounds of a very heavy foot walking around on the foundation. The "boys" got their guns readied and went after it, even though they did not actually see it, and they could hear it running and it ran into the bushes and trees where they could hear it crushing through the vegetation. The boys went in after it and tried to find it, but did not find anything. No one noted any foul odor this time either and there was no noise from this creature except for the heavy footsteps. I don't know if they noticed any footprints.