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Blue Mountains Field Report 1987

Chelan County, November 1984

Clallam County May 2004
32 miles east of Forks tracks found on Olympic Peninsula...
Clallam County 1971
Clallam County 1972
Columbia County (Starbuck) 1999 white skin description
Colville Indian Reservation tracks w/photo 2009
Cowlitz County 1980 Bodies removed from Mt. St. Helens...
Cowlitz County, 1984
Cowlitz County, 1989
Davis Lake
Dryad, Near Centralia, January 1997
Fort Lewis, 1975
Fort Lewis, 1977 & 1978
Fort Lewis, May 1984
Fort Lewis, 1989
Fort Lewis, 2002
Grays County, 1970
Grays County, 1978
Grays County, 2002
Issaquah, Squak Mountain 1982
Jefferson County 1981
Jefferson County 1981
King County, summer 1990
King County, July 1998 giant sasquatch described
King County, February 2002
Kitsap County
Klickitat County, 1977
Ken Coon's report
Lincoln County, WA February 1978 Huge tracks found
Longbeach, Washington 2002
Naiselle River sighting 1980's
Neah Bay, 1962 or '63
Omak, Okanogan County
Pierce County, October 1999
Pierce County, 1976
Pierce County, 1975 Back side of Ft. Lewis
Pond Oreille County, October 2000
Portage Island Whatcom County, 1990
Skamania County 1980
Sun Lakes State Park, summer 2000
Suquamish, July 2000
Walla Walla County March 2005 Scenic Loop Road track photo
Walla Walla County, 27 May 1990
Walla Walla County, Blue Mountains, 7 June 1992
Walla Walla, Blue Mountains 1936 (older report)
Willippa Hills, near Grays River

March 2006 - A clerk at the Hoquiam gas station said she had seen tracks, hair stuck in branches twelve feet up and heard strange sounds while camped deep in the woods. She also said her two dogs, who are normally brave were scared to death during one possible encounter... (Karl)

Older Washington

1966 -- The local Yakima, Wash. newspapers reported that an albino Sasquatch descended from a tree and chased a young Yakima boy; friends found him in shock on the ground clutching in his fist a large tuft of white hair.

1981 -- A man from Lacey, Washington, reported to the Thurston County Sheriff's Department that a nine-foot creature with long, furry red hair flagged him down as he drove home from a party in the wee hours of the morning.  According to the police report, the driver had hardly stopped his small foreign car before the creature walked up to the grill, lifted up the front end and tossed the vehicle into a roadside ditch.

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