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Grays County Washington 1970
"Three Girls Report a Sasquatch chased their car."

An Associated Press dispatch printed in various newspapers on June 17th and 18th 1970, reports that 3 teenage girls claimed to have been chased in their car 3 weeks previously by a 7 foot Sasquatch which left 16-inch tracks in a 7-foot stride. The father of one girl, Russell Figg, a Deputy Sheriff of Grays County, Washington investigated unofficially.

The sighting took place between Copalis Crossing and Carlisle near the site of the sighting last year by Deputy Verlin Herrington. Tracks led to a lean-to near where a number of old cow skulls were found.

Several researchers are said to have investigated this occurrence. Dick Grover of Everett, Washington, writes on June 24th: "On June 17th Dick Tierney paid us a visit. We took a drive over to Pacific Beach to check out the latest sighting up here in Washington State. We visited the Figg residence where we were met cordially. Mrs. Figg said she and her son found an area where 9 skulls were scattered all about.

This was in the same general vicinity where the girls saw a creature that was at least 7 feet tall jumping up and down in the ditch. As soon as they passed it, it jumped onto the roadway and they could see the bulkiness of it as it began chasing their car down the road. The skulls were scattered all around a large tree stump. They were later identified as cow skulls. Apparently some farmer had disposed of them there quite some time ago." [Odd thing for a farmer to do?]

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