Longbeach, Washington

Ray Crowe's recent visit to see Paul Freeman, March 3, 2002:

"Went to Longbeach, WA, March 3rd, 2002 and visited with Paul Freeman. Despite a recent foot amputation, he was in good spirits, and had a multitude of things to say concerning his finding Bigfoot and signs of his presence in the Walla Walla watershed.

One thing that caught my attention, was that Joel Hardin, the tracker, had been hired by the Forest Service to debunk his claims of Bigfoot Tracks in the area...he said tracks had the forest litter swept away before being made. Dr. Krantz said that this was a territorial sign of Bigfoot...the tracks meant to be seen. I agree with Grover's opinion.

Around Longview, Paul noted, Bigfoot tracks have been found at low tide in the clam beds near Ledbetter Point, on the North end of the Long Beach Peninsula.
Also, he says that on the mainland adjacent to the sound, tracks have been found at low tide in the oyster beds.

Paul commented that a neighbor that runs Longbeach Auto Sales was traveling over White Pass, WA, about a month ago (early January 2002 that would be), and had seen a Bigfoot running alongside the road. They didn't go back to investigate. As we were leaving, Paul presented me with a gift...three baby Bigfoot tracks mounted in a case with hanger from Walla Walla, WA, area.

One marked Lewis Peak, July 15, 1989, and has four toes showing, 4.5 inches long.

The other two tracks, marked left and right, from Griffin Peak, April 15, 1985, have five toes, and are the same length.

I'll have them on display at the May 11-12, 2002 at the International Bigfoot Conference in Hillsboro Oregon. Ray Crowe."
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