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King County, Washington
January 24, 2002

It was about 6:05 AM. still dark outside when a young lady was driving to work not far from Duvall, Washington on Cherry Valley Road. The weather was partly cloudy. She was near game preserve bottom land near Cherry Creek that goes into Snoqualmie River, just east of SR203

It is the only place on the road out of sight of houses. There is an old shop type structure there with a sodium vapor light that lit up the area a bit. As the lady came to the structure a 4 foot tall 2 legged light tan creature was crossing the road for timer area to the game preserve heading towards river and creek. This lady stated the creature was covered in light tan hair from head to foot, the creature did pick up pace little and cross the road never look her direction she stated it would blend well with the dry grass in the bottom.

The woman never stopped just saw it cross and go out of sight. The creature was only 30 feet from the front of the car she was driving and did get a good look at the creature but never saw the face just body and how it walked. One of our field researchers did interview the lady and she took him to the site. They check the area but didn't find any tracks or anything else. The field researcher stated he believed her sighting by what she described to him.

This was done on February 11, 2002 Sunday after the report was turn in by the woman, Paul stated he checked along the river and creek - no tracks of course as it had rained since the sighting. No broken branches from trees and no sight of and adult creature. The woman was able to give a very good description of creature

Paul's e-mail address is; if there are any questions on this sighting. There is ongoing research in this area in hopes of seeing this little creature or an adult if still in area…

There have been many sightings near Duvall, Wa, - Duvall is located on SR-203, approximately 25 miles northeast of Seattle, half way between Monroe and Carnation, Wa.

The woman wishes to remain unknown because of her work.
Signed, Fred Bradshaw

Posted February 2002 by Dennis Fenton