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Enormous tracks found in
Keller, Washington State

February, 2008, on the Colville Indian Reservation, Washington State:
If you look on a map, you will see that the reservation is quite large.  The Columbia River is impounded to make Lake Roosevelt, where it comes out of Canada and before it gets to Grand Coolee Dam.  This borders the southern end of the reservation. Look on your map and find a very small town called Keller. 

These tracks were about 25 miles north of Keller.  It was quite snowy that month. These tracks were 8 feet apart!!  The trail of 5-toed tracks were 23.5 inches long and were 9 inches deep in the snow.

After looking around and following them for several hundred yards,  a second set of smaller tracks could be seen joining up with these and both headed to a small River - the San Poil it's called. At that point the tracks crossed paths and went into some very rough terrain where we were not able to follow.  The smaller set of 5 toed tracks were 16 in long and the stride measured 4 feet, ....half of what the other tracks showed.  

Report and photo courtesy by Larry Battson, Wildlife Educational Services, Inc.  May 2009
Battson's informant identity not to be revealed.

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