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Walla Walla County, Washington
Blue Mountains, 7 June 1992

My belief is most people do not see Sasquatch because they have no idea what they are looking for. Had I nt realized nothing belonged where they were the 1st two times I would never have recognized them (not close enough) from a distance a standing sasquatch will look like 2 dead tree trunks that have a separation then come together to form a thick trunk and just a mound at the top they do not look like animals unless they move. When they move you can't miss it — they are to tall and walk totally upright, covering rough terrain rapidly.

At first thought possible bear grubbing but as I looked harder while fighting my horse decided far too big to be any bear and was about to leave when the "bear" I thought might be grubbing separated, as they stood tall and on 2 feet, roughly 7 feet each or more — and walked slowly down the ridge on 2 feet, traveling easily on the rough terrain and going separately into heavy timber where I could not watch any further. They did not come out where I could see them below the timber.

Third Sighting June 7, 1992 (previous 2 sightings reported separately)

When our company for the weekend at our cabin had departed, I took Caesar, a new horse of ours, out for a ride alone. We were going along the Watershed trail toward Lewis Peak. As we came to the exact place where I was kicked two years ago by a borrowed horse and was about one-fourth mile from where I sighted the Bigfoot the first time I looked to the descending ridge below me. There, I spotted a large brown-ish colored object that looked promising for a bear. But, Caesar fidgeted, wanting to return home. (He missed his pasture buddy I don't believe he scented the Sasquatch)

I kept watching and was about to leave as I realized the brown object of interest was far too big to bear. And then, I was shocked to see the object suddenly stand up, split into two tall, hair-covered animals walking upright on two feet. "Sasquatch." But, there was one, on the left, walking over the edge, dropping from sight, the second descending slowly into the trees below, then dropping down over the far side out of view. The two Bigfoots didn't come back into view lower on the ridge, although I watched as much as possible while returning to the cabin. I reported this to Dr. Krantz, pen pals, friends, family other sasquatch researchers. The terrain is mountainous on Mill Creek Watershed Trail, Sasquatch lower on a ridge going down to the bottom of the watershed. They stood up and walked on 2 legs down the ridge going 2 different ways. I watched but once in the trees they did not come out again.

Sheryl Jenkins

Report filed by Bobbie Short, Tuesday, March 27, 2001 10:01 PM

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