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Issaquah, Washington State
1982- Squak Mountain

My Dad and I went grouse hunting one fall day in the afternoon. We had walked a few miles inward using an old mining road. The day was very clear out, and the sun was casting a nice warm glow on the forest floor. Visibility was 100%. We didn't see any sign of grouse so we decided to get off the trail, and use a well-used game trail that was very narrow but easy to walk on. We proceeded on this trail for well over a mile when the trail began to go down hill into a very dark gully between two mountains. It progressively was getting darker as we proceeded to move down hill, and seemed to have an ominous feeling to it. We walked down the trail moving slowly listening, and observing for signs of game birds. I barely took noticed there was a long wall of dirt, that was about six feet high and seemed to parallel the game trail we walked on.

Suddenly, we both heard heavy footsteps coming up from behind us moving in the direction we were walking. As the sound of footsteps grew louder, we noticed it wasn't walking directly behind us but just on the other side of the dirt mound that paralleled our trail. The sound was very heavy, and clearly bipedal as the debris on the forest floor crunched beneath every footstep. We both quickly squatted down and waited for whatever it was to go by or possibly come over the dirt mount at us.

My Dad readied with his shot gun, and whispered, "I think it's a bear." But, it was then we both noticed what ever it was that was walking was also breaking very high branches at the bottom of the trees which were at least 7-8 feet off the ground. (Because of lack of sunlight, the bottom branches of Pine Trees fall off and die and only grow higher off the ground). Whatever it was, was tall enough to brush against the bottom branches of the pines and we both looked at each other with a 'What the hell?' look on our faces.

Suddenly, when the creature was only a few feet from us on the other side of the dirt mound it stopped. We didn't move a muscle, and I was holding my breath trying to listen, and not be noticed. The creature was standing totally still, and we could hear it sniffing the air slowly. It knew that we were there but wasn't sure where. Then it began to slowly walk down into the gully again, but hooked around and back up this time on the game trail. Suddenly we saw it emerge from the trees only about 30 yards from us. It was still looking around slowly scanning for us as we just squatted there on the trail. Then it quickly stopped and gasped, as it noticed us. Its mouth opened up, and it had this surprised look on its face.

I was so scared I remember I could not feel my legs, and my body had so much adrenalin running through it my skin was tingling, my mouth was dry, and my tongue was numb. I just could not believe what we were seeing. It just stood there looking at us like he was in disbelief also. I remember looking at this thing's every detail and being in awe of the massive size, and muscular build of this creature. It made the Patterson Bigfoot look like a couch potato as this creature was incredibly well built. Every muscle was defined and overly developed just like a bodybuilder. Even with it's immense size it had this powerfully fast look to it, like it was built to burst out into a fast sprint. It did not look slow at all, and if he wanted to get us he easily could have. After about 3-5 minutes of staring at each other, he slowly backed up not taking his eyes off of us until it disappeared into the woods. Not saying anything my Dad motioned for me to get up and walk back. We both quickly walked back up the hill as fast as we could walk. We never said one word as we walked back to the truck. In fact, once in the truck and on the road we never said anything at all. It was like we were both in shock at what we just seen.

Rob Johnson

Friday, February 01, 2002 2:49 AM