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Fort Lewis Encounters
Ft. Lewis Army Base, Washington.

My, friend who came to Ft Ord in 1989 started his Army career at 2nd Battalion/75th and he told me about an encounter somewhere on the Nisqually River up in Washington.

They'd sent a swimmer across to recon the other side. He'd crept up the steep embankment on the other side and disappeared into the thick woods. After a few moments the guy let out a scream and came flying back down to the Nisqually River and across. He was in hysterics, saying that he'd in affect snuck up on a Bigfoot, to their mutual surprise.

The creature freaked out and took off in the opposite direction. The other Rangers did hear the snapping of brush like something big hauling ass.The company crossed and did a quick recon of the area and found the distinctive big footprints and evidence of a large "animal". The young soldier
who had the encounter left the Army not long afterwards.

According to my friend, this was a life-changing event for the young man and supposedly he went to work for a Bigfoot Organization in Oregon. I don't have they person's name so I can't be much help, but this happened in mid-'83.

There is also a great story on a Web site called "Ranger Stories From Hell". You'll have to find it through one of the Ranger organizations. I don't have the address anymore.

The story involves a company of Rangers on a night ambush. Sometime after they'd gotten into position they heard a "guy" stalking them. They maintained fire discipline and waited for what they thought would be the rest of the opfor unit they were to hit.

Instead the "guy" was alone and as he came upon their position he stopped.Then he proceeded to stalk their perimeter. The Ranger who tells the story marvels at the "guy's expertise. After completing his recon the "guy" slowly backs up the way he came and disappears into the night, leaving his distinct odor behind.

It seems like every guy I meet who was a 'Lewi' had a Bigfoot story or new someone who did. Since you are ex -military you might have an "in" with those folks although I couldn't tell you how to approach them. Especially the Rangers you know how they can be with us mere mortals :).
If you hear anything let me know and I'll keep my ear to the ground here.

Happy Hunting, Marc Ferris, Carmel California

Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 16:46:53 EDT
Source referral: Todd Neiss