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Fort Lewis, Washington
Pierce County

My sister and I saw a creature we are sure was Bigfoot. It was around late August early September 1975. We were stopped beside the road with our family on our way back from a camping trip. We had gone behind a tree to go to the bathroom. As we started to walk back to where the truck was parked, for no reason, we both stopped walking, looked at each other and turned around.

The creature was standing back the way we had just come from. It was just standing there looking at us. It was over 6 feet tall, all hairy and dark brown. It didn't scare us or seem threatening. It just kept looking at us, it didn't look like it was scared and it didn't look nervous. And it wasn't trying to hide at all.

We looked at it for about a minute then we turned around to walk towards the truck to get the camera. We walked slowly so we wouldn't scare it. When we got to the truck we grabbed the camera and turned around to take a picture of it, it was gone. We never heard a sound from it. It never scared us and we felt like it had wanted us to see it because we don't know what made us turn and look at it.

Billie-Jo Miller,
Spanaway, Washington