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King County, summer 1990

2:00 - 3:00 pm, near North Bend, WA.

Werhesyer Logging Road in the Cascades; the terrain description was mountains, clear cut tree area, stumps, on a dirt road about 45 miles from people. North Fork Snoqualmie River

A friend and I were walking in a small valley, in a clear-cut forest, looking for morel mushrooms. It was a clear sunny day, not much wind, we heard rustling in the bushes above us that seemed unusual. We decided to leave, walked back to the car, which had a bad muffler. When I started it up it was very loud and a 4 - 5 foot creature ran from the area we heard the noises, it ran right across the road in front of us, stopped and looked right at us 30ft away?

It was approximately 4 - 5 feet tall reddish brown matted hair, longer than normal arms, very quick, and disturbing red-yellow eyes, hair all over, we didn't see gender, it ran upright, and seemed just as scared as we were.

Kerri Hubbard-Sherri Diedrick,

Logged report, Bobbie Short Monday, October 2, 2000 at 12:39:56