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Neah Bay, Washington 1962

Letter to Roger Patterson:

Dear Sir:
Having read your most interesting book On "Abominable Snowmen," I thought I might pass on to you an account that may or may not be of some value to you.

I'm not even sure of the exact year. It was either 1962 or 1963 in a town named Neah Bay, Washington (my hometown) that a serviceman was driving to Neah Bay from an Air Force Radar installation when about 1/2 mile from Neah Bay he rounded a corner and almost ran into a huge beast that was definitely human-like, walked on two legs and was covered with hair- this happened at night when his lights hit this creature, it bounded across the road in one stride and up a steep slope, about 20 feet high, in another leap and was gone.

The man came into town quite hysterical and caused quite a stir, insisting he was a Christian, did not drink and definitely had seen "something" on the road.

I did not see this fellow and do not know his name. I did go look at the alleged spot of the sighting the next morning. There was one fairly clear track on the east side of the road and a large torn spot in the shale bank where this creature was supposed to have bounded up the bank. I do know the Federal Police Chief was notified and his report may be on record. This may be of little importance, but I thought I'd pass it on to you.

P.S. I'd rather not have my name used in any connection with this.

Neah Bay is home to the Makah Whaling Nation on Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

(Source Rene Dahinden)