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Grays Harbor County
Monday, September 23, 2002 10:30 PM

My name is Fred Bradshaw; it happened about 2:30 am this morning from behind my house where there is a large field and beyond is reprod forest. From this forest came wood knocking it lasted for 30 minutes. Then very loud sound WHOOOOO-AHHHH-WAW-WAW. Then nothing.

This area is known for Sasquatch sightings back in 1982 Sheriff's Department retrieved cast tracks 17" long by 7" 1/2 wide at the ball of the foot's 4" heel. There are a few tracks recovered from the area.

I live just one mile south of Elma, Washington, which is 36 miles west of Olympia off highway 8. I live off highway 12 south. I went up into this area today found broken twisted tree and partial track that had five toes showing ball of foot to mid part no heel because it step on large stick that was crushed. This was in patch of dirt from mountain beaver small animal that lives underground.

The other track was in grass other step was in grass couldn't see the tracks but you could feel the toe impressions. I have kept eye on this area for years and have heard rock clicking wood raping, howls screams. The track was 14" long 6" wide 4" at the heel it. The thing had a 43" stride. There was spot in the grass look like something large sat there. I didn't find any hair around the broken tree or in the sitting area just mark of something sitting that was very large.

We do have coyotes in the area but the sound I heard wasn't coyotes. I have heard sounds of Sasquatch many times in my research years. I have seen five of these creatures - two real close-up. I have been working with other people who have family of Sasquatch for past 4 years and other just two years he has them come close to his cabin and they are very vocal at night. I have heard this same vocal sound it woke me up out of sound sleep. I didn't have time to tape it but if it does this tonight - I have recorder ready.

Source: The late Fred Bradshaw