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Clallam County, 32 miles east of Forks, WA 2004
May 23, 2004 - On the Olympic Peninsula

I am forwarding this to you from my son Bryan who sent the pictures to me. The pictures were taken last weekend (May 23,2004) on the Olympic Peninsula about
32 miles east of Forks, Washington

They were taken at the side of an old logging road in an area not very well traveled. There were two prints noticed by my son, but he drove over one before he realized what they could be. He stopped the car (2002 Explorer) and opened his door and took the pictures leaning out of the door. What you see in the three picture edges are the car door and part of the entry step. The two prints were the only ones he found in the mud by the side of the road, but not for off the road he found some scat (picture 3) that was still soft and slightly warm. He inspected it and found no hair or bone matter in it. Thought it might be interesting for you - he was pretty excited about it.

Ron Foster for Bigfoot Encounters
Main photo has been cropped for easier upload