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Ft. Lewis, Washington
April 2002

I have found info on Sasquatch showing up on North side of Fort Lewis US.Army Base Tacoma, Washington. The area is used by the Rangers as training area called Cat Lake. For many years now the Army Rangers have run into Sasquatch in this area and now have quietly been using this area for night maneuvers because of the Sasquatch.

I have talked to Retired Rangers and they tell me their are Sasquatch in that area for sure. It has been noted in their handbook of animals of the Northwest - and Sasquatch is in the book by Army personal since 1950's maybe longer (unknown at this time). The person I spoke to wishes to remained unknown he his retired since 1992 and has a business in Olympia area and doesn't want it to hurt business. Some others I have talked with who are still in Army Rangers and have confirmed this report. They also don't want their names released because of what may happen to them. One fellow is in California who did see sasquatch by Cat Lake. It scared a lot of them it was at night it came to their camp area with in 50 yards it was spotted in night scope new Gen Model 3 and his squad picked up and moved on request of CO on duty at the time. The creature was described as 8 ft. tall black hair on body from head to feet and arms it made a grunting sound almost like pig but deeper and longer. The CO has been at Fort Lewis from 1982-2001 and has been sent to Base overseas since 911 took place. There are many rumors of Sasquatch in this area but has been kept quiet because the US. ARMY doesn't want people run allover their base while maneuvers are going on at Ft Lewis. I respect that.

I have been asked to join them in an outing on base after the training is over. I have received permission from CO to go on base to look for tracks will be with US. Army Ranger Sergeant. He has seen them also. Right now it is closed to the public while training is on.

Fred Bradshaw Thursday, April 11, 2002 2:00 PM