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Pierce County, October 1999
Ft. Lewis Army Base

Officer’s name, rank and address withheld. (I believe witness information is the first step in validating the veracity of all reports. Withholding witness information is something I rarely do, in this rare exception it seemed necessary) - B.Short.

If this is quoted by name, I'll deny it. I was an officer in the Army, but just got out and I'm don't want to kill any chances I have for future professional employment. I reported this sighting to my Battalion, and they told me to forget it happened. The next day, I was hauled by the MPs to I Corps HQ at Ft Lewis and grilled for hours by the CID people about the incident. I got out of the Army because of this incident. (The witness notified at "least three people and two soldiers")

The closest road: Range roads. The terrain was open area, around deep brush, ridge running north-south nearby, heavy trees and the nearest city was Ft. Lewis; closest water the Nisqually River. I saw a creature, much like a gorilla, charging out of the woods, running along on backs of hands and feet parallel to the road, then turning into the woods it chased two civilians we hadn't noticed before. I think they scared it because we heard them first before we heard the creature. Hunched over, ran like some gorilla, dark fur, big teeth (saw the teeth when it screamed at us).

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