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Clallam County, Washington
September 1972 - Closest Rd - Coastal Highway Nearest City ClallamBay
Olympic National Forest

I am a retired professional hunter with worldwide hunting experience and I am quite knowledgeable in the field of zoology. Therefore I am quite certain of what I saw. The region is extremely dense rain forest and old growth; very steep and mountainous canyon stream.

I saw a huge hairy broad shouldered man like creature. it came out of a one half mile deep narrow ravine. I was hunting with a pack of dogs for black bears and mountain lions. The dogs went into the canyon and out came this slow ape like creature. His back was towards me so I never got a clear view of his face. He was about 75 yards in front of me. It was 71/2 to 8 feet tall. Maybe 6 to 7 hundred lbs; moved very slow and cautiously. It moved around the dogs to my surprise and when the danger to it passed it slowly climbed back down into the ravine and out of sight. No sound heard. However a strong odor of a rancid nature hung in the air for quite some time. James Kosi