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Cowlitz County, Washington
Near Longview

July 1984

As far as my sighting goes, I was heading home with my roommate from the movies. This was in either June or July of 1984, but I believe it was July as it was quite warm.

We were driving west along the Columbia River on State Route 4 about 7 miles west of Longview when I saw what I thought might be a bear on the river side (south) of the guardrail, just above the river. I slowed my truck to a crawl to get a better view as we neared it.

All of a sudden this "bear" stood up to a height of about 9 feet and stepped over the guardrail on two legs. I stopped the truck and hit the highbeams and knew right away what I was seeing was a Bigfoot. I could actually see what appeared to be very small genitalia!

Up until that very moment I had never believed in the Sasquatch as I so avidly hunted and fished the mountains of Washington and had never before seen one nor had I noticed any sign. Of course, I hadn't been looking for any. Well, there it was right in front of me. It was the male version of Patty only larger and more muscled. It was not a shaggy haired animal, but quite the opposite. It was covered in a sleek black hair/fur maybe two to three inches long. In fact, it looked a great deal like black bear fur, except that the hair was a bit longer on its shoulders and upper back.

As it stepped over that guardrail, my mind went into "NEVER FORGET WHAT YOUR SEEING MODE" and I can play it repeatedly in my head. This thing was giant in stature, yet walked with very fluid movement. It was amazingly graceful. Its head was slightly pointed and its jaw was massive. Two steps or so onto the road and it turned and looked right at the truck. Doing so caused its body to turn with the head after a slight turn of the neck. At this point it furrowed its brow in, what I took to be, a look of anger and disgust. It really looked angry!!! It continued across the road where there was an incline of approximately 60 degrees. It proceeded to walk up this incline on two legs. I even pointed the truck in that direction to see it walk up that incline and observe its musculature. I was very into bodybuilding at that point in life and its musculature was totally incredible. You could see the muscles rippling and bulging under the hair. One thing I noticed was that every time it put its weight on one leg, a VERY large muscle bulged from just above the knee and traveled all the way up the leg to the side of its gluts. It also walked with its knees slightly bent and a strangely exaggerated arm swing.

I was in awe, while my friend was so damned scared he refused to watch. He kept yelling WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS IT? I turned and looked at him and said, "THAT was a bigfoot!" I told my family and even THEY said I was nuts...As for my friend, it took me until three years ago to get him to admit that he actually saw it. As far as everyone else is concerned, I do not give a damn what they think. I KNOW what I saw, and I KNOW it could NEVER have been hoaxed.

I saw, on that night, a large male Bigfoot. I would take a lie detector test; go under hypnosis, or anything else to prove I am telling the Gods truth. So anyone that wants pay for either of those, feel free to ask me, and I will agree. No problem.

Rand Trusty

Bigfoot Investigations, Washington