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Whatcom County, Washington 1990

Three Sasquatch observed emerging from Bellingham Bay

We were leaving Sunrise Cove on Lummi Island on a trip to the mainland. In route back, you have to skirt around Portage Island, a picturesque place where nobody lives. I think it belongs to the Lummi Nation, not sure about that. Anyways we got in close to have a look, cruised around the southern tip and up the Bellingham Bay side and that is where we saw three Sasquatch!! At first we thought we were seeing bears come out of the water crawling up onto shore but no. I idled the outboards and watched while my mate looked for a camera. Then came another and another. There was three of them coming out of the Bay there onto the rocks.

Then they stood up we knew they were not bears!! I cut the engine and floated for about three minutes or less maybe. They saw us of course, continued shaking and wiping the water off their bodies watching our boat real good. The taller of the three turns and walks up the beach and into the trees and within a few seconds the other two also followed. All three were dark in color, black I guess. They were amazing to see. We were so surprised, my mate forgot to shoot her camera and didn't think about it until I started up the outboards again and took off for Chuckanut Bay on the mainland. I don't know how tall each was, the taller was a pretty good size fellow, broad with very thick body. The others were not as tall but just as broad and thick, you know, stocky? I guess male, I didn't see anything to indicate female. My name is Ellis, I am in business in Bellingham, Washington.

p.s. We learned the island is
supposed to be uninhabited,
probably because Sasquatch live there.
That is what I think.


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