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Chelan County, November 1984
near Telma, WA.

Footprint found in soft mud along side a logging road. The print was not particularly large and was not really distinguishable from that of a barefoot human except that it was about half again as wide as it was long, and the fact that It was November in northern Washington and few people run around barefoot at that time of year and the fact that the area was not inhabited and few people, barefoot or not would have been in the area.

I did not have a camera handy nor did I have any way to make a plaster cast of it. From the map of Washington that I have, I can very nearly pinpoint the location. We were hunting in the extreme southern end of Mt. Baker National Forest, in Chelan County. Very near to the west (less than 2 miles) were the headwaters of the little Wenatchee River. This would locate the print sighting about 15 miles NW of the small town of Telma, and approximately the same distance nearly due North of Stevens Pass on Highway 2.

This has been a very long time ago. I was about 37 years old at the time, and was hunting Mule Deer with my father in law who has since passed away. I told him about the print and he dismissed it as probably a bear and didn't care to walk 2 miles back up the mountain to see a bear track... Bears do have claws that would show in soft mud don't they? There were no claw prints visible but the toes were distinct and show as connected to the foot. I believe bear toes appear to be depressions in front of the footprint with no visible connection. This is all I can remember.

David W. Warren,, Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 22:43:18