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Dryad, Near Centralia, Washington - January 1997

Ruth Steele believes she has seen either a Sasquatch three times in the past six months at Dory and Dryad along River Road. Farms are scattered throughout the semi-forested area and she drives the road nearly every evening. Steele describes them as gray, white, and sometimes black fur covered, and about 7-feet tall. The upright animals' faces appeared to be pink skinned.

Her first sighting occurred in 1996 and was a dirty-white creature 6 or 7 feet tall. The most recent was in January 1997 and the animal turned and looked at her car with eyes that shone red. Steel was accompanied by her daughter Debra Steele, 41, last November when the latter saw a creature loping along by the road swinging one arm. It looked right at her and scared her badly. Steele thinks they are migrating toward her home because each sighting is closer to where she lives.

© Ruth Steele, Dryad Washington.