Bigfoot Encounters

Naiselle River, Southwest Washington State, 1980's
A report taken by Rob Alley, Alaska

"In the mid '80's my 'Nam buddy Dick and I were night fishing at a bridge on the Naiselle River. in SW Washington, July/Aug.1-2 am for a week or two and I was noticing something was taking 2 out of six big king salmon that we would leave behind a big tree on the bank. We were in bad need of food and were actually poaching, using the big treble hooks to snag the fish if we could. 

One night round 1 or 2 while we waited watching in the bush before starting we  thought a game warden was coming , we could hear the gravel crunching and hid up in the bush. In the bridge floodlight we saw  a big figure silhouetted down below us in the river by the bank. It was about 7-8 feet tall, and the water where it was about a foot or a foot and a half deep came up to its calf, about the diameter of a five gallon bucket. It moved on two legs, but would bend over, backside to us to scoop up the fish guts. It was just shoveling them in at an enormous rate, Mmow", like that was bent over, scooping up the guts with its right hand. It had to slide its hand under the guts like a big spatula without using it's thumb, I never saw it use its thumb...and we watched it eating like that for somewhere between one and a half and two seemed like ten minutes you know, when you see something like that, but it wasn't actually...Dick was frozen and his eyes were real big, I was totally amazed and we just stayed hidden and watched. You could hear him sucking up that stuff, "Mowww" without even chewing, just huge slurping sounds when he'd lift it all up to his mouth. I couldn't believe how much of the stuff  he was just puttin'  away!  He had huge shoulders, no neck, big head, covered with couldn't tell dark brown or maybe black hair about 3-4 inches all over.

"I had a lead weight in a Sucrets box in my pocket and as I shifted my weight it made a sound. That instant, and I mean instant, he whirled around in a crouch and was looking right in our direction. It was moving its head and  looking for us and cocking its head a bit but it couldn't locate us. The floodlight came to a sharp edge of darkness and we were hiden up there about twenty yards away. After no more than ten seconds he just took off and I have never seen anything run that fast into the bush. He crashed off into the bush and was gone. We could hear the wood breaking as he crashed through. 

"The next day we just saw divots in the gravel from where he ran.  Each night before that  we'd leave a huge pipe of fish guts below the bridge but in the morning they'd be gone. No rain or high water to wash them away, and no bear tracks, curious. I lost touch with Dick right away after that and haven't ever heard from him since,  I sometimes think it was watching that thing that shook him up so much. 

"I count myself lucky, you know? He could have just come straight at us any time he was looking right in our direction, but I feel he just made a decision not to and was peaceful with us. What an amazing awesome thing it was. I always thought from the talk about those things that there wasn't much to it all y'know, but what I saw and heard that night was good enough for me. I never talked about it to anyone although I sometimes just wanted to just tell someone, but after reading your book, and reading about the opposable thumb and all, y'know, I felt I wanted to share that with you. PT.

This report is courtesy Rob Alley, author of "Raincoast Sasquatch: The Bigfoot / Sasquatch Records of Southeast Alaska, Coastal British Columbia & Northwest Washington from Puget Sound to Yakutat" (2003) ...His book available here:

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