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Astrakhan Region, Russia
Northern Russia, January 1992
The Pamirs and Caucasus region
Tadzhikistan, Russia

Jungle Man
Nguoi Rung, A G.I.'s War Story about 'rock apes'
Khe Sanh, Vietnam, 1968 - more on those 'rock apes'
Nguoi Rung (forest people), 1996
"Rock Apes" in Vietnam
Tay Nguyen, 1977-1978

New South Wales, Australia, December 2000
Warneton, New South Wales, 1871
Yowie Attacks Campervan, March 2000
New South Wales, Australia Winter 1990
Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia 1987
The Almas of Mongolia
15th Century Mongolia
Khumjung, Tibet
Tibet, 1938
Tishkov's Observation of a Yeti in Tibet
Nepal's Shivapuri Forest
Climbers Search for Abominable Snowman 2003
Japanese Expedition to Mount Dhaulagiri, Nepal 2003 news article
Explorers Scour Himalayas for Mystery Yeti
July 23, 2003
Japanese Team to Leave on Quest for Yeti
- 3 articles, July, Aug, Sept 2003

Sinkiang Province
Qiaoshiang, Hubei 1976

Baoji County, Shanxi Province, China, 1950

Chunshuya, between Fangxian County and Shennongjia, China
Gansu Province, China
Hubei Province, China
Jiolong Mountain, Zhejiang province, China
Yunnan Province, Southern China
Qui Nhon, China
Shennongjia Mountains:
Numerous sightings of the Chinese 'wild man' have been recorded since ancient times.
Yunan Province:
Soldiers killed and ate a Wildman creature in 1962
Sightings of the Chinese Wild Man in Shennongjia, Hubei China
Philippines and Neighboring Pacific Rim islands
Basilan City, Southern Luzon Philippines
Article on the Kapre

Borneo and Sumatra
Kalimantan, Borneo
Duri, Sumatra (sighting)
Mt. Kerinci, Sumatra
Orang pendek sighting - Sungai Penuh, Sumatra. January 2001
Monster Clues in Great YETI Hunt 2003 (actually orang pendek not a yeti)
Explorer Finds Key to Yeti Mystery (British Press call the OP a yeti, but it isn't a yeti)
The Short Man of Sumatra by Debbie Martyr 1990
Sri Lanka
The Nittaewo
Gold Coast of Ghana
Mratinjski Hills near the village Babiæi
Northern Kashmir: Workers on a sheep farm heard and saw a 4-foot hair covered yeti-like creature attack a boy, who hit it with a pot. January 1987

Assam India News Item

Madras: On July 1, 1976 an East Indian woman saw an 8 foot tall humanoid creature with shiny skin.
South America

Acre and Matto Grosso Provinces, Brazil, 1999
, several accounts
Medellin, Columbia 1958 Wild man sighted
Tokuko, Perija, Venezuela 1963 Ape man seen again

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