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Qui Nhon, China
"Fei-Fei" Chinese Wildman

In 1969 I was in Qui Nhon. One day a bunch of us decided to bike ride on the highway going to An Khe, the only paved road suitable. We passed a firebase and decided to mooch a beer if possible. We wheeled into the compound gate and much to our surprise, there was a creature was tied to a pole, dead.

It appeared to be an orangutan but the face was much more like a Mexican, rather dark, hairless ears, even teeth, no canines, hands were human proportioned but very long dark skinned fingers, wide mouth and thin lips, long red hair over the body and limbs. My original impression was of an orangutan. The feet had 5 toes, big inner toe with slight separation from other toes. Nose flat and splayed.

I believe the Chinese called this creature Fei-Fei. I never forgot it. My impression is that the thing was more human, not ape. I hope they don't have to get killed to please some armchair expert.

Good Luck, Joseph Gerant III.

Report contributed to this website by Vern Weitzel, Monday 01 Mar 99, and logged by Bobbie Short April, 1999. Fei-Fei translates from Mandarin as man-bear or bear.