Bigfoot Encounters

Duri, Sumatra

The sighting was in 1975 or 1976. If important, I can get my employment records from the drilling company I was working for at the time and nail it down to within a few months. 

This took place on the Island of Sumatra, just north of the town of Duri.  I was traveling south, coming from the Sintong River area in the North. 

I had just started into an area that seemed to have been cleared.  The house was the first one I had noticed in several hours of travel.  The area was clear of underbrush on the right side of the road where the house was, and it looked like the trees had been thinned out.  The ground almost looked like it had been leveled.  It was totally flat.  The trees stood well apart from each other giving a clear view of the area. 

I have seen the Indonesian version of Bigfoot at close range. I watched him step across a three rail fence… flatfooted, by placing one hand on the top rail and simply stepping over it. 

He was coming out of a yard that surrounded a tightly shuttered up little house.  There was no other sign of life.  If there were people in that house, they would of been scared to death. 

I was driving when I spotted him, and slowed to a crawl; wondering what he was up to. I was not aware that this was something special. 

I had been exposed to so many new and different animals, lizards, snakes, etc in the last few months, that I just figured he was one of the many I had not encountered yet.  It wasn't until the next day when I tried to describe him to one of my Indonesian helpers, that I was told no such animal existed there. 

He was approximately 100 to 150 yards off the road when I first saw him.  He was looking at me when he stepped across the fence, kind of like I had interrupted him.  I came to a stop as he purposefully walked across the road in front of my Datson pickup.  He had his head turned, and was watching me as he crossed the road and disappeared into the bush on the other side. 

When he crossed in front of me, he was no more than 50 feet away.  He showed no fear.  He was magnificent.  He stood approximately 8 feet tall, walked totally upright with swinging arms.  The arms were very long and powerful.  He was a silver gray color and his hair was short. I seem to remember the hair on his head looked like he had a flat top.  His shoulder, chest and arm muscles were huge.  The gait bothered me, as it almost seemed like the swinging of the arms was exaggerated. 

I tried to describe him as an ape or gorilla, but nothing fit.  I have spent 30 + yrs traveling the world since then, and have had time to compare his features to monkeys, gorillas, apes, etc, but have not found him yet.  I do know he was very intelligent, totally in control and totally awesome.  I can see him in my minds eye today as clear as 32 yrs ago.

As I said before, he did not shamble, crab, drag his knuckles, or anything like a primate would, he walked upright with swinging arms.  His legs were in proportion to his upper body.  His arms were the only thing that looked to be unusually large and long.  He crossed the road in three or four steps and in the manner of a man out for a stroll. I got the definite feeling he was kind of indignant that he had been interrupted in what ever he was up to when I came along.  

That's about all I can recall for the present.  If I can be of any further help, please let me know.  Don't know if this will help out, didn't even know there was a site like this.  Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it… If I can be of any further help, let me know. 

Bob Norris

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