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Mt. Kerinci, Sumatra


Mr. Van Herwaarden, a hunter, began finding tracks of the Sedapa in Sumatra. The footprints he saw were shaped like those of a small human being. Van Herwaarden also heard reports about the Sedapa from natives. In October of 1923, he himself spotted one in a tree: "I discovered a dark and hairy creature on a branch ... The sedapa was also hairy on the front of its body; the color there was a little lighter than on the back. The very dark hair on its head fell to just below the shoulder-blades or even almost to the waist ... Had it been standing, its arms would have reached to a little above its knees; they were therefore long, but its legs seemed to me rather short. I did not see its feet, but I did see some toes which were shaped in a very normal manner ... There was nothing repulsive or ugly about its face, nor was it at all apelike." (Ivan T. Sanderson, 1961, Abominable Snowman: Legend Come To Life, pp. 222-223). After observing it for a while, Van Herwaarden allowed the creature to run away.
(Note: Sedapa = Orang Pendek)


We now know this creature to be the subject of much study by Project Orang Pendek in the Sungai Penuh, Mt. Kerinci regions of Sumatra. It has been observed by many in recent months but has yet to be photographed. It walks upright at "bloody bipedal speeds." (Debbie Martyr, Project Orang Pendek 2000)