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Basilan City, Southern Philippines
Subject: The Filipino kapre
I am a physician. I grew up in the Philippines. When I was in kindergarten around the 1960's, back in the Basilan City (southern part of the Philippines), as I took a short cut with my brother through a small jungle to get into our home we saw what we thought was a "kapre". We ran as fast as we could. After reaching a safe distance I asked my brother what he saw. His description matched what I have seen.

It is still vivid in my memory for many years. How could you forget something like that. I overcame the fear but my brother until today is scared of the dark. I am practicing in Winter Springs, Florida....doing pain medicine, with specialty in Physical Medicine and Rehab. Been in the States since 1984. My son was surfing through cryptozoology and asked me about my experience....third world countries are more open with these phenomena. So because of curiosity I searched for information on the kapre and found your website. I know as usual most will listen to my story with skepticism particularly here in Florida. I am currently on working vacation getting preparing for another board certification, that is why, I was able to write this email from home.

"Dr.Pedro Oliveros"
Winter Springs, FL 32708
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 19:54:41 -0400

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