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Yunnan Province, Southern China (Regional Map below...)

In 1961, workers building a road through the heavily forested Xishuang Banna region of Yunnan province in southernmost China reported killing a humanlike female primate.

The creature was 1.2-1.3 meters (about 4 feet) tall and covered with hair. It walked upright, and according to the eyewitness reports, its hands, ears, and breasts were like those of a human female human.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences sent a team to investigate, but they were not able to obtain any physical evidence.

Some suggested that the workers had come upon a gibbon. But Zhou Guoxing stated: "The present author recently visited a newsman who took part in that investigation. He stated that the animal which had been killed was not a gibbon, but an unknown animal of human shape.

It is worth noting that, over the past 2 years or so, some people in the western border areas of Yunnan Province say that the above-mentioned kind of Wildman still move about, and that another one has since been killed."

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Interestingly, China's Yunnan Province is a mountainous region more or less sandwiched between other regions where these life forms have been either spotted or reported, namely Tibet to the North and Laos and Vietnam to the south. They share seclusion, many river sources and other waterways.