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Southern Highlands, New South Wales Australia
Nearest City: Goulburn in Bungonia Gorge
Winter 1990: 11.30pm - 1.30am, Closest water is the Shoalhaven River

This happened on open farmland, which was alongside a rugged national park. Bungonia is on the edge of the geological Sydney Basin and the landforms are the result of erosion of the overlaying sandstone by the Shoalhaven River, leaving mountains and ridges of shale and limestone, caves, and exposing fossils. The caves, however, are as steep and precipitous as the surrounding landscape. There had been a number of lambs killed during the past three weeks with numbers taken progressively. The rear half of the animal and back straps had been removed by some incredible sharp instrument. On examination it appeared that a scalpel had been used.

A mate and I decided to stay with the lambs during the night to observe what or who was responsible for their slaughter. About 11.30 pm we heard a crashing sound coming toward us in the bush, it was close to a full moon and we could see a dark object approaching us, running up to us until it was about 25 metres from us. At that point it let out a loud noise, threw branches at us then retreat into the bush. It circled us and repeated the exercise. It kept this up until 1.30am and then ran off into the night. I would describe the sound as if you took a deep breath and then let it out, then using your stomach muscles to force all air out of your lungs, causing a type of grunting noise to be made which is very similar, however the noise made by this creature was alot louder.

I would describe the creature to have been about seven to eight foot tall and dark. It appeared to have been covered with hair that was quite blotchy in places. It stopped at one point near a large tree and it shoulders came in line with a branch which I later estimated to have been about the 6 foot mark. I got the impression that the creature meant us no harm but did not want us in the area. Both my mate and I simultaneously got the impression that it had young and was keeping us away. At no time did I feel threatened and whilst armed was contented to watch its performance. The creature moved about on two feet, had excellent night vision and was sure footed in loose terrain.The weather at the time was cold about 0 -1 C. The sheep had moved into cover under the trees to escape the frost.
I am not prepared to give my name, both my mate and myself are police officers