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Tibet, 1938
Another curious report was filed in 1938 by the late Captain V. d' Auvergne, formerly one of the curators of Calcutta's Victoria Memorial in Chowringhee, India who although a Frenchman by birth was a Brit who carried such military honors as the Military Cross and the Distinguished Conduct Medal. While working out in the higher elevations of Tibet, Captain d'Auvergne, momentarily lost his vision during a white-out snowstorm that blew in over the Himalayas quite suddenly. Freezing, suffering from the raw elements and disoriented, d'Auvergue could have died of hypothermia in such a blinding blizzard in a few minutes time. He claimed that a 9-foot tall whitish-gray hair-covered figure actually sheltered, fed and cared for him from the worst of it. When the captain recovered sufficiently to have a sense of his surroundings and reason his situation, the creature had disappeared. Captain d'Auvergne's description of a benign, curiously protective creature.

There is a contradictory tale however, one in which a similar creature crossed paths with a young Nepalese shepherdess near her village. The large ape with black and brown hair had seized the Sherpa girl and would have made off with her, if a piercing scream hadn't sent him scampering. But not before he had killed two from her herd of yaks, and the police who visited the site immediately afterwards, found large footprints among the carnage which seemed to back her claim. This creature description differs considerably from Captain d'Auvergne's report from Tibet.