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New South Wales, Australia

I've been studying the reports on the Australian Yowie for the past couple of days and have found them quite interesting. They are posted on

A majority of the reports seem to be told in earnest and are relatively well written. I found this one particular report from the Blue Mountain region in New South Wales quite interesting. Ironic name coincidence since the Blue Mountains of South East Washington state is also a hotbed of Bigfoot activity.

It seems that the yowie is definitely a close species to the American Sasquatch, but a bit more aggressive and less afraid of humans. The report below is a great illustrator of this although this level of intimacy with humans is definitely the exception and not the rule. There are a lot more reports on the yowie at the site I mentioned. It might be worth linking to if you haven't already done so.

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Ardi Mekanik Saturday, December 16, 2000 2:22 AM

New South Wales, Australia - December 16, 2000

This story has been happening continually for the last 15 years and is still current. These people and their neighbors have had the same Yowie haunting their houses on a nightly basis. In this street alone almost everyone has their own stories to tell, Adults and children being stalked, shadowed and chased while walking home from school or just walking the street at night.

One lady reported having it in her house. Many have him at the window at night, especially children's windows. One night the son of one my contacts was scared and wanted his Dad to sleep with him, not long after turning out the light, "boom boom", it leapt onto the verandah. He could hear the strong floorboards bend and buckle with the incredible weight as he walked slowly to the window. I've jumped on this particular verandah and I couldn't get it to move.

Many of the residents have had him run in front or along side their cars at night. The novelty of this creature has worn off the street of locals in this particular valley, the have all brought their friends and family to see it, and have all played "games" with it, and they've lived with him in their valley for many years. Now they mainly throw stones at him when he comes close to their houses and he sometimes throws things back. As he walks up the Valley, all the dogs on both side of the Ridge begin to bark, you hear the tree's being pushed aside and the "boom boom boom" of the feet stomping through the foliage. Some times they don't hear him at all until he is growling at them from behind a tree or through the window of their house.

After the foundation on a driveway was laid, clear footprints were found and cast. I have also have seen, and have photo's of a 4" wide tree that was bitten in half, there are clear fang marks that I measured at 3¼" apart. The tree was bitten at 6" off the ground and grubs were removed. There is also photo's of him looking out from a bush.

The locals used to team up and chase him each night, they would chase it, and then it would them. If you lost him during a game, he would call out and wait so they could resume the chase. He throws stones onto other bushes in effort to confuse them. One man during a chase had his torch off, he was in the swamp amongst the tree's when he turned around and it was standing 2 metres away, it leant forward opened it's mouth and roared like a tiger right in the mans face, but didn't hurt him.

During chases it turns its head around back and forth while running, watching everyone. Its eyes glow bright red in the dark, night vision. The local people played with him so often that it would come to the tree line of the house and call to them each night. He would often stand at the windows and watch everything that goes on in the household at night, one person said that he was positive that it would be watching the television. He removes dog bowls and outdoor furniture, anything that he feels like during the night. He visits most houses at nighttime, sometimes banging on their doors and walls. There are definite trails and bush devastation where it walks each night, it is habitual in its movement each night. A bush bed was found in a perfect shape of it's body, it had scattered bones around and it reeked of urine. The creature pushes trees over all the fences through out the valley for easier access. The residents call him "Fatfoot", as the footprints are only 12" long but extremely wide, just over 6". The face is dark, thick skinned with deep skin folds and he grunts as he runs probably due to a large diaphragm.

They put a voice activated tape recorder in the swamp one night, when it was replayed in the morning they could hear boom boom boom as it came through the bush, it walked straight to the recorder and you could hear it squeezing the recorder until it turned off. It also used a branch to pull a light out of a tree. The locals are very used to him, like him but won't allow any young children walk into the bush without an adult.

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