Bigfoot Encounters

Cauca Valley, Colombia 1958

Published in La Razón, which is a local newspaper distributed in the public transportation region of Buenos Aires, Argentina; they carried the following story February 26, 1958...

Unknown forest near Cauca Valley, Colombia

"Medellin, Columbia -- February 1958 (UP): Numerous peasants state that they were threatened by a wild man when they were in a forest. The farm hands believe that they would attract him laying the bait near the places where they saw the monstrous apparition. Peasants said the being is naked and emits guttural sounds only. They have described him as being wholly covered with hair and have enormous fangs. Many believe he is an abandoned child that lived without contact with civilization."

Researched by Fabio Picasso
Published in The Bigfoot Co-Op newsletter 1990 by Dr. Constance Cameron...
Article courtesy Peter Guttilla, 2010

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