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"I Have Seen The Yeti" (Nittaewo)

Dr. Salvador Martinez, Spanish anthropologist, is one of the very few humans who claim to have had the opportunity to spot the creature.

The encounter took place in Sri Lanka, in 1984, though only now is his adventure being made known.

The nittaewo, the name by which the natives call this creature on the island, had a human appearance, its body appeared covered with a coat of long hair, and, in some areas, it showed signs of scabs.

Despite the time that had elapsed, the anthropologist remembers that the nittaewo began to emit unintelligible sounds before fleeing toward the denseness of the forest.

Translation by Richard W. Heiden, logged by Bobbie Short in 1997.
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Important note:
...after the 2004 Christmas Boxing day tsunami that devistated parts of Sri Lanka, we learned that Dr. Sal Martinez was mistaken in what he spotted in 1984; they are not unknown creatures, the Nittaewo are dark skinned aboriginal natives that once inhabited the island of Ceylon. Whether or not any of them survive today or survived the tsunami is unknown. See Veddahs.