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Tokuko, Perija, Venezuela 1963

Published in La Razón, which is a local newspaper distributed in the public transportation region of Buenos Aires, Argentina; they carried the following story December 6, 1963...

Tokuko, Perija, Venezuela

"Maracaibo, Venezuela December 1963 -- (UP): A strange being called "El Espanto" translated in English as "The Ghost," by the natives, has been seen again in the region of Tokuko. It is covered with hair from head to foot and seems to be an ape-man. People are frightened by the monster, who has been known for a long time. The native Motilones say they have often seen him at dusk near the Totayota and Piraya Rivers only 10 kilometers from Tokuko's Mission. They say his footprints are giant and he often steals food and he likes to scare women."

Researched by Fabio Picasso
Published in The Bigfoot Co-Op newsletter 1990 by Dr. Constance Cameron...
Article courtesy Peter Guttilla, 2010

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