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Near Salt Lake Baskunchak, Astrakhan Region, Russia

This autumn I visited a place of observation near Salt Lake Baskunchak in east part of Astrakhan region. It lay among endless steppe and new nature reserve was recently established there. A few months ago I got a following observation message by supervision ranger of the reserve A. Androsov that had occurred two years ago in 1998:

"During patrolling in the first of October in Surikov's ravine I have seen somebody by my own eyes.... I cannot tell at all what it is. I lowered on a motorcycle from a road to bottom of ravine. From a dam I have noticed something, reminding of a man. It was escaping and partially latent from me by branches of trees and bushes. As it ran through a bush the crash of branches was heard. I had stopped under apple tree and began to collect apples. After 7-8 minutes had passed I heard a rustle somewhere behind me. I had turned to one side and to another and had seen it again.

At this time the creature sat squatted, having advanced, the hip was raised strongly with the hands rested against ground before it. Eyes? Black, such as in 'films of horrors' were shown, terrible, as though emptiness was in there. Softly speaking, they were ugly. As I have understood it observed me but there was no sounds or anything else was made. As soon as I have turned to it, it simply has disappeared. It disappeared sharply. It was here now and in instant it was not present. It might be for my fear so it seemed. I could not see it completely. When I turned back my head it escaped in bushes. It was all covered by hair and higher than me. I am a metre and eighty-two cm high. The coloring was brown-gray, but not light. Such dark. After one of its disappearance I have seized a bag and ran there from. After this meeting I feel horror in the place, especially when weather reminds what was then - a strong wind and clouds from time to time are closing the sun."

My friend M. Kirokosjan, his student and I went to the place in similar season in hope to see the creature. At this time in a vicinity of Baskunchak there are a lot of fruits: haw, sweetbrier, wild apples and pears. Here there are excellent opportunities for shelter in large and small caves — to the north and in the south of the lake lay karst fields. There is fresh water in the depth and we used it to prepare our meals.

For the week we were there not any attributes of hominoid presence had been found out. We explored sandy coast of lake and dusty steep roads, saw many tracks of antelopes, foxes, wolves and small animals, but not of our essence. The weather was warm and we feel no anxiety with our tents just near to the apple tree.

This is an ordinary observation but I think it may be of some interest to you.

With season greetings and happy wishes,
Yours Michael Trachtengerts, Moscow, Russia

Received and filed Saturday, December 16, 2000 3:56 AM by Bobbie Short.