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Jiolong Mountain, Zhejiang province, China

A middle-school teacher of biology in Zhejiang province obtained the hands and feet of a "man bear" killed by local peasants in late 1957.

Zhou Guoxing wrote: "In December 1980, I went to Sui Chang to study these hand and foot specimens. I concluded beyond any doubt, that they belong to a higher primate, and have morphological traits of both ape and monkey. The eyewitnesses thought that they had belonged to a Wildman, or of a manlike 'strange animal,' but after examining the specimens, I determined that they were not the hands and feet of a Wildman. They might possibly belong to an enormous monkey (perhaps of a species of macaque not previously recorded in this area) ... There is no denying the possibility that they came from an unknown primate in the Jiolong Mountain area."

Source: Cremo, Michael A. & Richard L. Thompson, Forbidden Archeology, 1996, Los Angeles, USA: Bhaktivedanta Book Publishing.