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Acre and Matto Grosso Provinces, BRAZIL
Mapinguary Reports

December 1999 I was in Alta Floresta, of Matto Grosso, Brazil and was able to locate three Mapinguary witnesses. Even though their reports lack some details and have some problems, I am sharing them with you and the rest of the group.

Report # 1:
When: Sometime before Christmas 1998;
Where: Acre state, deep in the rubber tree region;
What: He was working on a rubber tree when he heard a roar, saw something big with the "corner of his eyes" and run away to the rubber trees farmers camp. Next day he got two volunteer friends to go with him to the place (4 miles from the camp) . They all had shotguns. They returned to the place and all they could find were three deep (2 inches deep) marks in a tree he had seen "whatever it was" slashing. The marks were three inches apart and "could not have been done by men", but I do not know how did he came to this conclusion. No other sightings were reported at that camp around that time (or at least, he did not know of any).

Report # 2:
When: In the 1980's
Where: Alta Floresta, Matto Grosso Province;
What: He was hunting when he felt an awful smell, heard some commotion on some trees and heard a "kind of a whistle". He quickly gave up hunting for the day, because an old Indian once had told him that would mean "an evil spirit was displeased with him," At the time, many people (he estimated at least a hundred) reported similar encounters, and some even saw a red-brown ape-like creature with a foul smell. After that he never went alone into the jungle again. Alta Florest is now a land of Soy bean farms with almost no forest left. Mapinguary perhaps moved north, to Northern Mato Grosso and Acre, Brazil.

Report # 3
When: April 1998;
Where: North Matto Grosso Province, Brazil
What: A friend told him he had heard and smelled "something weird" in the jungle, close to an "iguarapé" (small creek) where they usually went fishing and hunting. He went to check to place believing it was a carcass being eaten by an onça (jaguar). He kills onças, because they attack cattle. It was around noon when he felt "that terrible smell" and saw, a few feet from him, an animal about the same height as him (5 ft 4 inches), with red long fur and walking on its hind legs. He knew what a gorilla was, and told me the animal did not look like one. He had a pet sloth as a child (not unusual in the Amazon), and laughed when I suggested it could have been a kind of sloth (even if a Giant Sloth, that is believed extinct). His words were: "Sloths can't walk, they have to crawl when they are not on a tree! That was no sloth..." He was so shocked he could not move for a moment and the animal made good his escape. Reports of bad smell, strange whistles and a man-like ape are common at that part of Matto Grosso, Brazil.

That's it. Would it be inappropriate to say there are two different Mapinguary in these reports? Could it be possible, after all, there are two VERY different creatures both being called Mapinguary? Too bad I never saw, heard or smelled anything myself...

Thank you all,

Date: Wednesday 03 Sep 2003 00:23:00 -0700