Bigfoot Encounters

Clendening Lake, Harrison County, Ohio March 2009

Baby Bigfoot track found?

A father & his sons were out looking for deer sheds (antlers) when they came across this track and photographed it with his cell phone.

It appears to be another baby bigfoot track by the measurement of the 3 " Bic lighter laid by the track for size comparison. They found it in melting snow, ice and muddy substrate close by the lake.

The track looks to be roughly 4.5 inches in length by 3" wide at the ball of the foot...a very small track...

The largest undeveloped lake in Ohio, Clendening Lake is known for its great fishing and solitude. It is located near Freeport, Ohio...the lake is accessible via State Route 800 to State Route 799. .....Bruce Bellman, Arron & Brent Bellman, Ohio...

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