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Clackamas County, Oregon
Not far from Estacada….February 22, 2009
with photo...

I was quad riding last Wednesday when I took this picture. The yellow thing in the picture is my safety glasses to compare the size of this foot print.

You can see that the track has been snowed over after it was made. Most of the snow was melted but there were 2 prints that stood out in the snow. The track was found as we turned around in a camp site at the end of two logging roads off the end of Memaloose Road.

I am sending this one now and will send the other one when I get it out of my cell phone.  We were on the logging roads up by Memaloose Road, Clackamas County, Oregon not far from Estacada, Oregon .  The 2 tracks which were about 15-16 inches long had a stride of approximately 5 feet.


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