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Val D'or, Quebec, Canada
September, 2006

Where to start… First I’m just a truck driver. My route takes me all over northern Quebec. About two weeks ago, September 5, 2006 I was on my way to a town called Val D'or in northern Quebec Canada.

I had stopped for a coffee and was northbound on highway 117 entered the Laurentide Park (I believe that is what it’s called) after about one hour of driving and in pretty remote part of the park- about a kilometer ahead, I thought what was a bear that came out on the road.

The creature seemed to be indecisive; it walked out and reached the centerline and for a second or two then stopped…then, as I got closer to it, the sasquatch continued across the road.

I began to realize it was no bear, it did not have the bulk and it was walking on two feet. It was rather tall and looked like it was covered with hair. I noticed that its manner of walk was not dissimilar to a person with back problems; it walked in a knee-high prance like gait.

I have to tell someone it’s driving me nuts! Hey I do not drink and I have seen most common animals in the park from time to time but never before have I seen a creature like this. I have tried to explain it to a friend and he laughed at me said I was crazy am I ?

The area on the road near the sighting is heavily wooded mostly softwood and pines…the creature’s
color appeared to be black but not a common black and not a shiny or glossy but sort of a dull black although off in the distance.

I did get a good look at it its head, which was sort of long not round the hair that appeared to cover its whole body including the head.

Also just prior to the encounter there was a storm a few weeks before and large amounts of trees in that area had been blown down.

I was not close enough to see if it was in good health or not but noticed it ran off like a person with a bad back problem.

I drive a big rig and I'm sure it looked in my direction because it was right in the middle of the road when I first noticed it standing on the side of the road and thought it might have been a hitchhiker because of the way it moved from the right side of the road, stopping about in the middle of the road looking confused as though it was going to go back then continued across sort of running. It was when it started to move a little faster that I noticed if was moving a little awkwardly like it had a back problem


Tuesday, September 19, 2006 6:40 PM
Taken by Bobbie Short & passed on to Thomas Steenburg... map below of area...