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**Wawa, Ontario Canada
September 2007 - Sasquatch sighted, tracks found...
**The informant shared photos that are the property of Mike Paterson...

Last September 2007 I saw what I believe was a Sasquatch. I was alone, driving West on Hiway 17 about 20 miles south of Wawa, Ontario, - very remote, about 7 pm but very light out, and I saw a 'person' crossing the hiway about 200 -300 yards ahead of me. The person' looked odd, it was a solid brown color, with no outline or contrast of a hairline, clothes, face, just all brown from head to toe.

This location is far from any human activity, just solid forest for miles and miles on one side of the hiway, and Lake Superior on the other side. Tourist season was over. The figure crossed the road, and entered dense bush on the lake side of the hiway. I immediately pulled over where I saw him go into the forest, and went after him. I was there within 15 or 20 seconds, and I think if it was a person, the person would still have been there.

There was a small game trail where the figure entered, and I followed, I went in about 15 feet, but the bush was so thick, I stopped to look and listen.....absolutely nothing.  I tried to go further, but I knew I was being watched, and I didn't feel safe alone. When I returned to our camp and told my camping mates. The next morning we went back to the spot.  I was exploring the entrance to the game trail, when my buddy called from the other side of the road, he found a nice track with visible toes, and heel marks. We measured it at 12 ½ inches long, and 5 ½   inches wide...and at the heel 5 inches wide. I took a phone picture, but you could not make it out.

The figure of the Sasquatch was just too far away to distinguish any detail; just the solid color is what caught my attention.  Then being in the middle of nowhere.... I mean there is only thick forest for miles. From there you could head straight north, and the 1st people you would meet would be near James Bay - hundreds of miles away. 

Anyway,  I wish I could say I saw the face, or I was sure it was the beast, but I cannot.  I just can't imagine a person so far away from anything, and hiding from me when I ran in to investigate.

The creature appeared slim, and erect, not stooped over or bulky like I've read about. The height did not strike me as tall, so less than 6 ft probably. Anyway, that is what I saw.

Have a nice day.   
Tim G.
Sudbury, Ontario
Sent: Sat, March 01, 2008 PM

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