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Oxford County, Maine
January 2006

A truck driver called me a couple days ago said he had a remarkable experience on January 12, 2006.

He was driving his 18 wheeler loaded with timber-logs headed for Rumford, Maine - 2 miles out of Canton on Route 108. He was headed north at 10:30 pm when he saw 3 large creatures on two legs cross the road in front of him, he said one was real big about 8 feet black and hairy; one was tall and thin with grayish hair and was limping and the third one was short with a fat stomach; could have been a female, - I asked him and he said, “maybe.” The trucker wouldn't tell his name but said he had told his uncle about the sighting. His uncle said he knew a guy in Canton (me) who might be interested; I’ve been asking a few people if they'd seen any bigfoot when I've been at the post office in Canton.

Oxford County 2 miles north of Canton village, I think it’s near the town of Peru, Maine. The town line starts near there. The trucker said it was just over the hill beyond Dragon Cement, it looks on the map as if it’s only 1 mile to the town line. There’s a map of Canton, Maine; the river you see is north of town and I'm 1 mile south of town.

The hill where my sighting occurred in 2004 is between my house and the lake. Look on the map northwest of town there’s a lot of mountains, one range and then just north another range which is Hedgehog hill, and northwest more MT. Zircon near Rumford and then west about a mile Spruce Mountain near Bryant Pond a huge wilderness area.

David Cheeseman
Oxford County, ME