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Three Sisters, Deschutes County, Oregon April 2007

If you are collecting data on the sasquatch, I have one for you, it’s second hand, though. I was having a beer with a fellow who said he was with a USGS unit checking seismic equipment on Three Sisters Oregon April 11, 2007. I can't give you precise location because I wasn't paying that kind of attention to the detail he rattled off but it had to do with the South Sisters earthquake activity and such. On his way back to the company vehicle, he stopped to stow his gear, take a leak over the side of the road and drink a bit of water from a bottle he kept in the passenger seat.

He said, as he was tipping the bottle up in the air, to swallow the water there was movement up the road caught his eye. He stopped and looked thinking he would see elk crossing the road but instead he said there was a figure of a man, red to reddish brown hair that walked out onto the road and stopped. He said they exchanged glances for only a few moments and the sasquatch walked off into the timber. I didn't ask for details of what it looked like.

The guy said his mouth fell open; evidently he had been in and around Three Sisters for almost twenty years and never seen anything like it and never saw tracks or nothing.  He told me he saw where it went into the trees and went over to imagine the height; the sasquatch had to be at least ten feet tall to duck under the lowest branch where he saw it go into the bush.  He also said he never heard any stories of them being any color other than black, but this one was red-brown hair and of gigantic proportions.  

I asked him if he reported it and he said laughingly, "no, I would be afraid to mention I saw a red sasquatch." I didn’t get any other details; there was too much laughter, some joking around after that.  

I enjoy your website, oh and I believe Three Sisters is in Deschutes County, Oregon.

Dr. Chip Hardesty

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