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Haliburton, Ontario Canada 2006
Tracks found

Hello, I don't really want to talk to any person about this but because it truly boggles my mind and I guess I'm wondering if ... anyone else has seen any tracks or heard anything in Haliburton Ontario Canada?

This occurred the weekend after the tornadoes came which would be after the second weekend after August 2 nd 2006. (August 11-13, 2006) My family and my friend and 2 sons came up for a weekend of relaxation. We had many trees go down on our property so we were burning many cut up trees.

Well any ways my dog Charlie started to act skittish, which honestly is not unusual for him. Carol said do you smell that? We said since the storm we'd smelled it occasionally. (human feces smell) Charlie started to growl so we turned in the direction he was facing which was around Dale’s cottage NW from the lake. He then coward and went under my husband 's chair as we talked about maybe a bear was in the neighbourhood. A loud crack like an animal stepping on a branch and breaking it was heard Charlie didn't move. (Ironically our other dog who had died this spring would have went to investigate.) Any how I put on the lights high beams into the back of our property which was where the smell and cracking sound seemed to emit from, there was absolutely nothing.

The next morning I woke to let Charlie outside. Charlie and the neighbour’s dog went hell bent for leather all over the back property, playing and bouncing all around. I then realized Carol had to give her son a shot of insulin it was 7 a.m., after she did this I put on coffee and she wanted a smoke. We went out side towards the hill behind our cottage. She looked down and said "Holy cow you have a sasquatch!" I looked and seen two huge footprints and immediately thought may neighbour who walks around barefoot had done it. Carol said if he was Frodo I think you'd be right.

I didn't say much and threw a piece of cardboard the boys had used for target practice over one tracks. Later my husband came out and I showed him the prints and he wears a size 12 & he was able to place his whole foot in the track and it did not reach the ends or the sides. I sort of freaked and that smell was still there.

Any ways I started checking for sightings on your sight and you have had some in Ontario but way north of us. There has been other weird things like larger fish found on our property with only a bite out of them and of course my old dog Bandit went after it like no other.

What put it there? Are these creatures in Haliburton? We are near the Airport and there is remote lake lands north of us. I mentioned to my few close friends about these incidents and now they and myself don't really want to go up there. I truly am thinking about selling the property we even had a real estate agent in September 2006. We have acreage as well as waterfront and I loved it till now. Why has no person up there mentioned anything?

Don, a local who uses our property said he has seen bear, moose, elk, deer and fox on our land. I really am torn whether to say anything or not to him. I don't want to be ridiculed. The one friend I told me of an incident that had her whole family wondering up at EELS Lake in the Kawarthas north of Peterborough. She said she'd heard commotions in the forest I said what did it sound like? Jen said it sounded like a dinosaur.

Anyways I really don't know what came through our property but what ever it was, I NEVER want to meet it.

S. D.
Monday, December 18, 2006 5:07 PM

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